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All That I Know


Accompanying playlist of equally dorky and poppy tunes that accompany my work All that I Know.

(Song inspiration included in a comment below this playlist)

17 tracks
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1: Ed's intro
2: Roy's intro
3. New York is a city so desperate to live forever
4. Ed is basically the best PA in the entire world, and he'll never let Roy down
5. Slight ref to their backstories; mutual pining, ect.
6. No colour in the world is equal to the gold of Edward's eyes, no feeling on earth equates to being with him every day
7. There's a reason why the sky and Roy Mustang's eyes are both blue
8. This one is actually dedicated to Al/Winry; the song is cute and just reminds me of them
9. Even if Ed will never be in love with him, Roy will never be anything but his best around him
10. "All you ever do is run away." ("Why won't you kiss me?")
11. 1000 cameras, 500 people, frantic energy bubbling under everyone's skin
12. Riding off the high of winning, of winning someone like Ed
13. Walking down the runway is a surreal feeling of regency
14. Basically everyone is getting together
15: Nothing is perfect, but right now it feels pretty damn close to being that way
16: You ever been in love, and you just can't stop saying the person's name? New York has a lot of people to tell.
17. "And all I know is I wanna be here with you from now on."