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i know you were trying to help, but you almost killed me and tried to hurt my friends so you had to go because as they, "better to be alone than in bad company"

[Songs about the mixed feelings of killing your alter]

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oh god I have DID and I know how you feel... It feels so wrong to say "I"... Hm... How'd you kill your alter? I need to, haha...

@fruitcry It is really hard to say "I" but I basically forced myself to keep referring to myself and my thoughts and desires as such to detach myself from him until the "thoughts" synced up. Unfortunately he did pop up some time ago and killing him again was forcing myself to realize that he is a fracture of my identity and ultimately he is part of the whole that is "me". In that way I forced myself to view him as me and claim his thoughts and behaviors as my own. I'm sorry if this all sounds really weird, but it's just how I dealt with it. I'm sorry that you have unkind alters, I hope maybe this helps! Alters are tricky stuff and sometimes I miss him it's really weird;;;;; (Also thank you for liking this playlist!)