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oh man thanks this is so good.. i remember most of my trauma but im drawing a total blank on one Thing in particular and this perfectly represents that

Thank you for making me feel a little less alone. It means a lot to me, y'know? PTSD is fucking hell, I swear. Especially when I can't even remember what caused all... this. So... I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (:

@aru.faz552 I'm glad you don't feel so alone in this! It does suck very much so and even more when you can't even figure out the reason that caused all of it...you're very welcome, but thank you for enjoying my mix and being able to relate to me as well. And again remember you're not alone in this!

Really relateable. We have DID too and arent sure who hurt us early on. (We know some of it but i don tthink all of it)

@tuimitchams I'm glad you all could relate and realize you aren't alone in this. I feel like a good number of people don't remember who caused them harm. I have a very small clue, but it's never going to be answered at this point. Thank you so much for listening to my playlist! Have a great day you all

thanks so much! we relate to having a clue but knowing it wont be answered. and agreed about this probably being a thing a lot of people experience. memory is a really complicated thing. have you all ever listened to the poem Haunt Me by Hieu Minh Nguyen it was helpful to us in all of this.

@HisLoveliestNightmare I'm happy that you like my playlist but also sad that you can relate to this. I was getting the feeling after making this playlist that people always seem to know exactly or a good grasp of what's happened to them, whereas I have no memory of anything. I'm glad you feel less alone in this. Stay well! <3