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Castiel's Secret Playlist (Probably)


This is a compilation of songs that, although you wouldn't expect it, Castiel probably listens to over his angel radio. I mean, how else can you be so stoic?
This can also be lovingly referred to as: music Castiel picked out for date night with Dean because he heard that they were "hip and happenin'" songs and really just wants to prove that he can be cool, too.
Dean is not a good role model for such an impressionable angel.

13 tracks
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This was perfect. I'm up at 4 am trying to do some damn work, sick and tired of the same 10 songs over and over on the Destiel circuit, and then I found this gem. Oh my God please make another. I'm going to wear this playlist right here OUT.

@unamusedelipsis I just saw this and it made my night. I've got a sequel (ok, I actually just didn't want a four hour mix), but you might have already found it. Anyways. Thank you so much!!