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i just finished marathoning my way through the most amazing fic, you can read it here and cry with me:

some of the songs are for specific characters, some are for specific pairings, and the rest represent different aspects of the story itself! i didn't annotate anything-- all songs open to the listener's interpretation :D enjoy!

20 tracks
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This mix is incredible! Radical Face to finish it all off was just the icing on the cake because it's the perfect song for the feeling I got when it was all said and done and they were back at the safe house wrapping up loose ends. I feel like you captured the feeling of the last few chapters better than anything else ever could!

this is such a great mix for GST. The cover image you used is pretty much exactly how I pictured the first safe house to look like. And I was pleasantly surprised with the addition of Said The Whale to the mix (my fave band). It has the prefect feel for the fic <3

@mikewazowskitakesafall oh my gosh how did i never see this wonderful comment?! i'm sorry for the late reply!! thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed the mix. it's awesome that i could surprise you with your fav band! thanks for listening :)

hahahaha that fic was hell ; o ; but I was wondering if the cover image was influenced on (I'm p sure) the first safe house? The one that they set up little 'surprises' around the perimeter (trying to keep it spoiler friendly). Anyway this is a really great mix and I got super duper excited when I saw the tag "the great sealand takeover" because that fic was one of my favourites. You did a rad job with the songs it's so good :D

@RandomYoshi yep! the cover art is based on the first safe house :D and omg, i'm glad you enjoyed my song selections! ;v; thank you so much!!

Ahhh thank you so much for making this, I loved it a lot! I hadn't heard most of the songs before but they all fit super well and I loved the mood - most of them especially reminded me of Sealand!Ryan aha. I especially liked Nothing's Fair in Love and War (love Three Days Grace), Willow, Burn the Pages, Middleman, Maybe They're On To Us and The Apocalypse Song aha. Also I really liked the addition of Skyfall because it's a particular sort of Bond film that's sort of a lot... grittier than some of the others, and romanticises the spy world a lot less, and it's a very similar sort of genre to The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, which really influenced Ryan's characterisation in Sealand aha, so it seems really fitting for it to be in there :') And Welcome Home of course, which is one of my favourite songs and perfect for the end of Sealand. Anyway, I loved this mix and discovered a heap of new songs!! Thank you again for making it, it was great! <3 ~whb

@8ofhearts i'm so glad you enjoyed it! seriously, making this fanmix was the least i could do to express my adoration for your writing. not only do i love your characterization (of ryan and gavin in particular), you have such a great balance for plot and character development that has inspired me to improve my own writing. i'm excited that, through my mix, you've found some new music to listen to! tysm for being a wonderful person and taking the time to listen & comment :D <3