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The Perfect Crime

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This playlist is so wondrous. I can tell the careful planning and dedication you put into this mix. You even ordered the music perfectly so they flow together oh-so-naturally. I'm definitely going to refer back to this playlist so I can buy all the songs at my googleplay library later! Your mix is a super treat because right now I'm in the process of making a drarry mixtape too. It's about pining and semi-unrequited love, and although I mean for it to be interpreted as both POVs, in my head I secretly see it more as Harry's pov than Draco's. sssssh. Anyways, fantastic job! This is my favorite Harry/Draco mixtape that I've heard thus far. C''':

This playlist is one of my favorites. The music is beautiful together and has such a great flow. There is not one song I ever want to skip, which usually there is in other people's playlist. While I don't have the immediate thought of Darry when listening to this, I still love it so much and is a great playlist for any ship with secret feelings or one sided feeling. I probably listen to this way too often. A congratulations to you for having great taste in music and a thank you for introducing me to some new songs.

@bunniislove I agree with you, this mix has a great mix of genres which flow well together. The story telling behind the music choices is very commpelling and nice to listen to.