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partying with taehyung.

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this playlist is so good!!! i can feel the taehyung radiating off it in waves like this is 100% a tae playlist aaa THANK U FOR MAKING IT

@kim kibum THANK YOU! so much for listening and dropping a comment, this is my fav part of doing this mixes, when people enjoy it. xx

i imagine jumping with him beside me in the crowd as we listen to a totally turnt up concert ayy~!!! TAE TAE SHOUTING "bOW WOW WOOOWWW" LOUD HEHEH E IN THE AUDIENCE AND BEING LIT AF~

@justpeachi i was hoping for that when I created the playlist. I wanted people to envision his playful side as a man, and not neccesarily cute, but see imagine him clubbing, bceuase after all they all are young me who would be partying if they werent in the band.