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Songs for Winter

"The world could have very easily been mistaken for a movie; the blackness of night in sharp, unreal contrast to the lightly falling snow lying gently on the ground. For hours, no creature dared disturb the stillness. Even the birds had ceased to fly. Their slender silhouettes did not grace the smallest bit of the piercing light of the half-moon, and by comparison to this nothingness, even its slow, ponderous form seemed to hurry to escape the cold."

15 tracks
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I love this mix so so hard! It just snowed here and it is the perfect soundtrack to my afternoon!

I have looked on 8tracks for a long time for a mix with some of my favourite Canadian indie. Leif Volleboek, Scott Orr (!!) -- great mix. Have any other Canadian-indie heavy mixes to recommend?

Every time I listen to this playlist i'm stunned by how beautiful it is. I hadn't listen to it in a while, I am pleasantly re-surprised :)

Hey you had a link to a great tumblr about vanlife but I cant find it anymore would you mind if I got the name of it from you please? Congratulations on absolutely raking in the hits on all of your playlists totally deserved I love this one and Cozy!