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rubber bullets


"You see, I'm not a criminal by trade, per say. I'm just a humble prison warden. I don't need dirty hands, I have people with that."

A mix for this scheming, blackmailing little shit right here.

  • When You're Good To Mama by Queen Latifah
  • Everything Counts by Depeche Mode
  • Rubber Bullets by 10cc
  • Handcuffs by Lupe Fiasco
  • Fink (Baal Remix) by Angelspit
  • John The Revelator by Depeche Mode
  • kids by MGMT
  • The Warning (Real World Mix by Stefan Goodchild feat Doudou NDiaye Rose) by Nine Inch Nails
8 tracks
1 comment on rubber bullets

This is fantastic! "Everything Counts" cuts off well before the end of the song, though. Not sure if that was intentional?