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✯Pokemon Memories✯


Strap on your running shoes and grab your pokeballs it's time for an adventure! Go off, fight your way to victory. Don't forget to stock up on potions on the way! The journey may seem long but you won't regret it

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  • Pokémon Red & Blue by Opening
  • Pallet Town by Pokemon RBY
  • Coiffure Clips by Junichi Masuda
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by Rival Battle
  • Snowbelle City by Natsume nyan22
  • Floaroma by Reneeeeee#1
  • Jubilife City (Night)(Piano Arrangement) by Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  • Humilau City by Pokemon Black and White 2
  • Eterna Forest by Diamond/Pearl/ Platinum
  • Littleroot Town by rsesoundtrack
  • Pokemon Game Corner Remix by XxSebastianxX
  • Hearthome City by Azothyran
  • 25-violet-city-olivine-city by mizz_suiteheart
  • Route 104 by Pokemon Azure Emerald
  • Pokemon Black White 2 OST Johto Champion Battle by Nate Conley 1
  • Pokemon X and Y: Boutique Remix by xSivrem
  • Lumiose City by Pokemon X
  • 85 - Ever Grande City by Thundabolt
  • Pokemon ~ End Credits ~ FR/LG by Caleb Xu
  • Champion Battle by Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Pokemon Black & White 2 OST Champion Iris Battle by Goodra <3
  • Pokemon: End Credits ~ R/S/E by Caleb Xu
22 tracks