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ain't that right, eds?


richie came bopping down to the stream, glanced at ben with some interest, and then pinched eddie's cheek.
"don't do that! i hate it when you do that, richie."
"ah, you love it, eds," richie said, and beamed at him. "so what do you say? you havin any good chucks, or what?"


but there was something else he had to say first.
"richie," he whispered.
"what?" richie was down on his hands and knees, staring at him desperately.
"don't call me eds," he said, and smiled. he raised his left hand slowly and touched richie's cheek. richie was crying. "you know i...i..." eddie closed his eyes, thinking how to finish, and while he was still thinking it over he died.

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this playlist is amazing! i saved it on my phone and apple music. the playlist description or whatever fucking killed me (just like eddie!)

This playlist is awesome! I was favoriting all the the songs tbh. There is so little stuff for this pairing and I'm glad this exists.

@BigAlBreathSAmples oh my gosh i can't tell you how happy i am that you think so !! i never thought anyone would listen to this bc, just like you said, this is a super obscure pairing, so i'm super glad you like it !! :'))