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some of my favorite korean drama soundtracks.

  • 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad ver.) by 티맥스(t-max)
  • Soyu SISTAR by 사랑한다 말할까 (Should I Confess)
  • Goong )-HowL & J by Perhaps Love ( OST
  • Lucky by Ashily
  • You’ve Fallen For Me (OST Heartstrings) by JUNG YONG HWA
  • 샤랄라 by 신민아
  • 오늘은 (Original Dialog) by Various Artists
  • G.Na by G.NA
  • 자꾸 자꾸 (Ost.Love rain) by Yo jo
  • [OST A Gentleman's Dignity] Everyday by Park Eun Woo
  • [OST Big Part 5] 01 Hey U by Venny
  • Somehow, You [Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part.3] by Kim Min seok
  • Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy by [Dream High OST] Maybe
  • [OST A Gentleman's Dignity] Beautiful Words by M Signal
  • 슬픈예감 (Feeling Sad) by yourd0ll
  • Are You Still Waiting by Lie To Me OST
  • 첫사랑 (Love Rain 사랑비 OST) by Kilgu (길구)
  • Big Baby Driver – Spring I Love You by frdrika
18 tracks