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frosted breaths & living blades


"You ice them, I slice 'em."

"What if we just do enough damage to scare them into never returning?"

"You and I both know that won't work."


so. there's a lot of weird crackships for jack frost on here. i won't name them, and i'm not saying there's anything wrong with shipping him with random characters, but i wanted to poke fun at it and make my own playlist, so here we are, with a playlist to celebrate the crackship of jack frost and shieda kayn (league of legends).

im sure you have many questions. how did they meet? how did they get along? why are they in a relationship?

and for all of those i have one answer: who fuckin' knows, dude, i sure don't.

this is dedicated to ash and the gang. you know who you are.

18 tracks
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