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Carols for evenings of hot peppermint cocoa, snowfall, and trees twinkling; or simply for nights of wintry contemplation. Edited and added new songs for 2015!

14 tracks
7 comments on yuletide

This mix is what comes to mind when I think of Christmas music– especially the type I grew up with. Thank you for creating this.

This is so lovely! Thank you for introducing me to "The Huron Carol"; I found a version online of the Cambridge Singers performing an English-text rendition and am in love. Also, this version of "In the Bleak Midwinter" (one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols) is just stunning. Wonderful mix!

Thank you! I have been listening to The Huron Carol for years and always look forward to hearing it again each Christmas. I'm glad you love it! x

Thank you! Did you enjoy the instrumentas? "The Huron Carol" is perhaps what I most associate with Christmas; I listen to it repeatedly year after year. x

yes, I very much did! I only have one instrumental holiday album, which is why I was so awed by your mix. I think you picked the tracks and ordered them really well (opening with The Huron Carol, for example)! xx