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hold my hand, loser


"we can play a fun prank like we hold hands and we kiss and everyone would think were dating that would be hilarious"
aka a random mix with songs i rly like and yes

- sophia

15 tracks
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i love love this! ahhh haha k so recently, i lost my main friends because "i am a slut." whatever. even though i'm not and i've never done anything past 3rd base ever and there's only one person i've ever gone past 1st with, they still judge me on appearances but whatever. k so long story short, i was just like ugh screw you so then i left them at sat at the popular table. i was kind of the new blair waldorf haha. like literally though. then i realized i lost my serena and had no more real nonsuperficial friends. i have no one now and i just wanna talk to people about everything like crushes and style and music and tumblr and random stuff and you seem super chill based on ur music at least hah and i dont really care if you are a 60 perv with a long beard that lives in a drug addict's basement, i just wanna talk to people haha. not really about my problems because i dont care but just like other fun stuff haha. i'm 14 and i live in orange county. text me if you wanna. 9495338683