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یادها و خاطره ها yadha va khatereha No.1

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یادها و خاطره ها yadha va khatereha No.1 is currently not streamable. Learn More.


Thirty-seven tracks including music by Vigen, Elaheh, Emad Ram, Pooran, Banan, Golpa, Marzieh, and Mehrpouya

  • Elaheh FARIB by raminarvand
  • To Shahedi Ey Gham by Emad Ram & Elahe
  • Zolf by Elaheh
  • Pooran,Shab Bod,Zemestan Bod by Hengameh 1
  • Shaaneh by Pooran
  • Elahi Bemiri Ay Del by Kouros Sarhangzadeh
  • Booye Bahar by Emad Ram
  • پوران ویگن شانه by shaneh Pooran Vigen
  • Zendegi [] by Pooran
  • Viroon beshi ey del by Pouran
  • Dar In Donya by Emad Ram
  • farangis by farangis
  • Kouros SarhangZadeh Be Souye To by pooyesha
  • Benevis Eshgh ( HD ) by Golpa
  • e Roshanaei by Sobh
  • asemoon by korose sarhangzadeh
  • Golnar by Kouros Sarhangzadeh
  • taknavazi by Golpa- albume Eshgh (Love)
  • Zange Karevan ( Kooros Sarhangzadeh) by a-mim
  • Ashegh shodan faydeh nadareh [] by Kouros Sarhangzadeh
  • الهه ناز by بنان
  • Ostad Banan( by tehranlaw
  • bahare delneshin by Gholamhosein banan
  • Badizadeh شد خزان by shod khazan
  • Marzieh Az Man Bogzar by Nikoo
  • Marzieh Asheghe Sheyda by Nikoo
  • Golpa_Saghia by musicirani01
  • Mehrpooya aseman migeryad emshab by Khishtandar
  • divaneh bood in del by Mehrpooya
  • yaramad by Mehrpouya
30 tracks