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Top Line Volume 2: Zimmermann


Twelve artists, three characters, one song each.

Co-creator credit/blame goes to Bienenalster @ Biene did the cover, we both brainstormed the songs.

Art and characters belong to Check Please! by Ngozi Ukazu and can be found at

Volume 1: Parson:
Volume 2: Zimmermann:
Volume 3: Bittle:

12 tracks
1 comment on Top Line Volume 2: Zimmermann

I must say that I absolutely love this whole series of playlists. I wouldn't be surprised if at least a third of the hits are from me, haha. Thank you so much for putting these together!

@ingloriousheist Thank you! I know the collection of artists is a little, uh, eclectic, but Bienenalster and I just really wanted to see if we could do it.