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Harmony of Heroes


Harmony of Heroes is a fan-made album featuring many songs from Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros." Songs include remixes as well as re-envisioned tracks made from fans worldwide and all brought together into a single united album.

Includes music from Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, Pokemon, F-Zero and more.

  • Cleanse The Sun by Dare To Oppress
  • 26 Tune Of Tempests by Step W
  • Jungle Swing by Harmony of Heroes
  • Smash Bros. Opening Themes (from the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Challenger Approaching
  • Sunset At Mushroom Castle (Super Mario Bros jazz cover) by bernardolv
  • SMB Underground by Sad Underground
  • Bros. Before Ghosts [Luigi's Mansion Remix] by Konrad Petersson
  • 12 Jungle Swing by Step W
  • Donkey Kong (Harmony of Heroes) by Sean Haeberman by Rhythm of the Kong
  • 14 A K.Rool Pub Crawl (feat. Christopher Woo) by After Dawn
  • Rush Of The Rainforest by Buoy (Jonathan Gjertsen)
  • High Roller´s Castle (Zelda Conversion) by Georg-Christoph Schlee
  • El Pájaro Es La Palabra (arrangement) by Harmony of Heroes
  • Wind In The Sail (From the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Connor Riley Music&Audio
  • The Legend of Zelda (Harmony of Heroes) by Sean Haeberman by Mirror of Twilight
  • 24 Beyond The Chasm by Erik Scerri (Echo)
  • Dark Horizons by The Legend Of Zelda
  • There's No Metal On Zebes (Planet Zebes Remix) by Metroid
  • Edge of the Labyrinth by SamoStudios
  • 32 Echoes From The Showdown (recorded and arranged with Moa Lenngren) by After Dawn
  • Vs. Meta Ridley (from the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Dark Intelligence
  • Metroid (Harmony of Heroes) by "Chekhov's Beam"
  • From the Depths by From The Depths
  • Dream Band (Track 36 on Harmony of Heroes) by Samuel Lidström
  • Adventures In The Greenest Greens by Mozzaratti
  • 38 The Last Cake (recorded and arranged with Joel Sandberg) by After Dawn
  • The Fall Of Halberd by CamoShark
  • Star Fox (Harmony of Heroes) by Sean Haeberman by Defending Corneria
  • Mega Helix [Poké Floats Remix] by Tom Mauritzon
  • Road to Viridian City (from Pokémon Red and Blue) by Dawn of the Journey
  • Johto BattleMix (From the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Soleviio
  • Wild Battle! Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (from the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Pondering The Battle Within
  • Shoes by Kelly
  • Fields Of Fire by Spencer Bambrick Music
  • Lashmush by Breaking Point
  • Death Race by Vomitron
  • Anthem Of Fire (Original Mix) by Musick
  • Fire Emblem by "Path of the Prestigious"
  • Gerudo Valley by SuperGuitarBros
  • Baby Mario Medley (from Harmony of Heroes) by Ryan Stunkel
  • "Sunny Side Up" by Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's Island Chill by Spencer Bambrick Music
  • Global Nessesity by (Harmony of Heroes)
  • Bound For Home by GaryWolkProductions
  • M.O.T.H.E.R.F.o O.K.E.R (Track 71 on Harmony of Heroes) by Samuel Lidström
  • Spring Will Melt Us Back To Home ("Snowman" remix) by Lifeformed
  • Waiting For Sunrise (Reven) by Harmony of Heroes
  • Yell (Dead Cell) by Nu Dead Cell
  • Theme of Solid Snake (Metal Gear 2) by Bound for Zanzibar
  • 79 I'm No Hero by Erik Scerri (Echo)
  • Ice Climbers (from Harmony of Heroes) by Jazzicle Mountain
  • WarioWare, Inc. by Club Wario Inc.
  • Harmony of Heroes – After Battle by mmmmMozart
  • How to Play (from Super Smash Bros. Melee) by Smashin' Through!
  • Smash Bro's by "En Garde"
  • Target Blitz by Buoy (Jonathan Gjertsen)
  • Smash Bros Battlefield (from Harmony of Heroes) by Senjõ
  • Multi-Man Melee (from the Album: Harmony of Heroes) by Kumite
  • Final Destination Medly / Story Mode Credits by SSBUltimate
  • Harmony Of Heroes by Harmony of Heroes
  • You're Too Slow by Green Hill Zone Remix
  • Through The Blades Of Shadow (Shadow Man Stage) by MoaLenngren
  • In A Dream by Step W
  • The Name's Kong by Vincent Rubinetti
  • "Me and the Kapp'n Make it Happ'n" by Zack Parrish
  • To The Stars by Step W
  • Duck Hunt Groove Duck Hunt Remix by Basheman
  • Chaos Neighborhood by CamoShark
  • Hammered Bros. (Harmony of Heroes Final Smash) by Steampianist
  • Magicant (MOTHER) feat. Jeff Ball, Michaela Nachtigall & Alex Ripple by "If You Believe"
  • Piratecrab by PirateCrab
  • The Journey To Castle Lololo (Harmony Of Heroes: Final Smash) by William Vuong
  • From The Mirror Of Truth by Spheral D&B
  • Legend of Zelda (Harmony of Heroes) by Sean Haeberman by Toot, Whistle, Bang!
  • Athletic Pun (Harmony of Heroes) by bernardolv
  • The Grand Finale (Bowser's Inside Story) feat. Jeff Ball by "All That Remains"
  • Bach Rider by Harmony of Heroes
  • 16 Kong Kollektive (feat. Harmony of Heroes) by After Dawn
78 tracks
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This is such a fantastic blend of high-quality and unique instrumental gaming tracks. I feel like I have heard almost every gaming mix out there, but this playlist brings a number of new tracks to the mix, and they are all incredible. Thank you for putting this together and sharing!