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shinee solo

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shinee here to make you happy :)

  • 한번쯤 (At Least Once) Jan 28, 2012 by SHINee Taemin Solo
  • Minho Solo by Turn Up The Music
  • Key's solo 'we are golden' for SHINee's 5th anniversary party by enishe
  • The First Poem [SHINee Day] by Taemin solo
  • SHINee Onew live Forever more solo by YouTube
  • Minho's Solo 'Everybody's Changing' for SHINee's 5th anniversary party by enishe
  • Playing Piano Babo by Onew SHINee
  • JONGHYUN by Jonghyun
  • Embrace Your Soul cover (solo) at MBC RADIO by KEY SHINee (solo)
  • Gekkou [January 26, 2010] by SHINee Taemin Solo
10 tracks
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