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the golden three

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ok ok so I'm adding this to "listen later" because I'm a lazy butt and can't listen right now, but I do notice that it contains an Of Monsters and Men song...so it must be amazing.

i love this so much - i honestly thought the songs were giving me enough emotions , but then i read the description and it was the icing on the cake i am just gonna lay here and cry thinking about my 3 lovely babies OK SORRY THIS IS GETTING WEIRD i just wanted to say that this was really accurate in describing the trio and their adventures and personalities and i just love it thank you

@nessayyy IT'S NOT WEIRD AT ALL, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It literally pained my soul to put this together, because an accurate portrayal of these three is bound to be an angsty one ;~; Thank you so much for the compliment, I worked hard on this!!