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Far Away.


a warm acoustic mix of covers that makes you want to cuddle in front of the fire.

  • Flaws by Bastille
  • Story of My Life by One Direction
  • SleepingWithSirens by sleepingwithsirens
  • Pompeii (Acoustic) by Bas_tille
  • sounds of love // original // a song for harry styles by francesgabrielle
  • Can't Help Falling In Love (Ingrid Michaelson/Elvis Presley cover) by Deni Hlavinka
  • Hear You Me (Jimmy Eat World Cover) by Ashley Gosiengfiao
  • Beautiful by Ben Rector (Cover by Dylan Byrnes and Taylor Agan)
  • Heartbreak Girl (uke cover) by francesgabrielle
  • Fidelity by Jasmine Thompson
10 tracks
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