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A Heart That Beats Warm


"You watch me walk into darkness over and over, and you always worry...Thank you."

A mix chronicling Cole's journey from forgotten spirit to a cherished human friend.
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13 tracks
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This was so good??? It blows my mind how you managed to find tracks that fit his character and background so well. Plus they were all good songs and fit together? How??? That first track especially was so scarily on point! After listening to this, all I want to do is finish reading the last quarter of Asunder but alas finals loom. Anyways, this is a really great mix, thanks for sharing!

@SilverInsanity YES!!! You are exactly the kind of person I wanted to listen to this playlist omg. Finishing Asunder was my biggest inspiration behind putting this playlist together, I'm so glad you recognized that. You are far too kind, thank you so much!