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be  happy

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hey, just wanna say thank you for making this mix. There are tons of emo playlists out there that just makes you cry so badly when you wanna cry and cry even when you don't wanna cry - but long story short, this is the first time I came across this kind of message in your description... Thank you for making me happy! I will be happy :D

@goh.d hi there cc: I just read your comment and it makes me super happy knowing that I cheered you up!! really, it does. it sucks that there's not enough good vibes when you need it (but here it is & I am rooting for you!!!!) have a nice day ♡♡♡

Oh the nostalgia is strong in this one. I haven't listened to some of these songs in years. It was great being able to hear it again and sing along haha. This playlist is lovely, definitely made my day~

This playlist is just AMAZING uvu I use it practically all the time for anything :) thanks for introducing me to so many good songs and reminding me of the great songs I used to listen to before ^^

thank for this mix to exist, my grandma is gonna to have a chemotherapy and it helps me to stay okay. (aoba cutie makes me smile) Really love this mix, maybe my favorite one.