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I Love You // I Hate You

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this playlist came on after another that i was listening to and i let it play without checking what it was bc i liked the Vibe. around the fifth track, though, i was like "wow, every song on whatever this playlist is is oikage af??" and went to add it to my faves, only to find that it was, in fact, an oikage playlist. anyways, REALLY good job picking and organizing the playlist!! ive never heard a playlist with tracks that better represented the overall theme so perfectly before. the balance of need and desire with insecurity and mistrust is absolutely on point for such an unhealthy relationship, and exactly how i envision their dynamic being if they ever had one. nice work!!!

@silverscissors aah thank you!! ive had all these songs on my computer for ages and whenever i hear them it makes me think of oikage so i felt the need to make a playlist hahah but wow thank you so much!!!