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Indie Music that will make you LOVE Indie Music


This is a very long mix of my very favorite music! All 39 of these songs will make you want more, the last is just as good as the first. I promise to you with all my heart that you will fall in love with this mix, take a few days to pick through all 39 songs because it's definitely worth it!

38 tracks
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If you use iTunes it's really easy to cut off the silence at the end of "Right Me Up". Just go into itunes, right click the song, click "get info", put in the time you want it to end (ie. 3:47), then go back to the song, right click "make AAC version", the new song will load onto itunes and you can delete the old version. Now it's cut down :) Sounds confusing but it's very simple! :) GL

If your looking for o.a.r listen to my other mix "Get your shorts on summer's coming early this year!" It has o.a.r and other music that is very similar to it. You would actually like that one more than this one