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What is a heart?

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I've loved the song If I had Heart for a long time but never thought of how well the lyrics suited Ulquiorra. Thank you for opening the connection for me. There are some really interesting songs in this one, not the typical music you'd expect.

This is the best fanmix I've heard for Ulquiorra so far. You've perfectly captured his essence (as HadenXCharm said, not just with the lyrics but with the atmosphere of the songs) and I didn't feel the need to skip a single song. :D I'm on my 3rd listen now! Amazing.

Okay, I'm only half-way through, but I have to just say that this mix is great. Not only are the lyrics spot-on for Ulquiorra, but the music all has that dirgey, slow, depressing rythm, and that really fits his theme too.