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✺ livin la dolce vita ✺
celebrate this wonderful gift that is called life. even with its all ups and downs, deep down, you know it IS worth it surviving everyday. this playlist is dedicated for all who, even for one sec, thought about committing suicide. i have a lil message for you: keep living, the future you will be thankful for it!!! try to keep in mind the people you love, all the places you havent been to, all the languages you havent learned, hell, even the scientific researches that havent been finished and you could be the last piece of the puzzle. you can do amazing things and you know it.


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september is the suicide prevention awareness month. i will be here if anyone needs to talk. if youre thinking about committing suicide, reach out to someone!!! dont forget, youre not alone and many people have gone better (and not necessarily through treatment!!) after having the worst time of their lives. dont hesitate to share what you think and feel, even tho you think its silly and no one cares, trust me on this one, people who love you do care.