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On The Stars


i believe in my future, farewell to the shadow, it was my place to live but now i need your hand.

(final boss themes from various Sonic games)

  • Wrapped In Black at Sonic Rush OST by Angel Garrido
  • 23 - [Boss] Solaris Phase 2 by silverthehedgehog'
    compromise does not exist
  • (perfect Dark Gaia) by Princess Luna X1
    it's always been inside of me
  • Sonic Colors -Final Boss Phase 2 ~ Reach For The Stars (Orchestra Version) by music
    i'm gonna reach for the stars, although they look pretty far
  • Sonic Lost World Dr Eggman Showdown Final Boss by DJ TON-3
    lost transmission
  • Biolizard (Supporting Me) by Everett Bradley
    i'll be losing you before long
  • Super Sonic Vs Perfect Chaos Theme Song by Wesley de Vree
    what's gonna happen to us?
  • Sonic and the Black Knight by With me
    every world will come to end
  • Final Boss Time Eater Phase 2 by Sonic Generations OST
    the past is in the past.
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