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"for i'm a devil at a quick mistake, and when i make one it takes the form of lead." a playlist for your favorite criminals.

  • Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy
    You might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth, sayin' I rambled with the worst of them
  • Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant
    Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked No I can't slow down I can't hold back
  • Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
  • Wretches And Kings by Linkin Park
  • Survival by Eminem (Clean)
    Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up I'm afraid of what'll happen to them wolves Cause I'm a fight 'til I die or win
  • Ain't No Grave feat. Johnny Cash by BoxerOne Records
    There ain't no grave Can hold my body down
  • Bob Marley Bad Boys Lyrics by sosobsn
    Bad boys, bad boys What'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do when they come for you?
  • Beast of America by Nico Vega
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