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holy crap this the best fst of any series I have ever, ever listened to. it is so perfect and beautiful and makes me feel that longing you aimed for . it also really inspired me to draw some kh, haha. but well done, friend!!! simply amazing and thank you for this fst<3 is there any download available?

;___; ahh, omg! thank you, so much. i actually don't have a download for the entire thing, but this website here , if you type in a song it should let you download it for free and they are all high quality. and for oz - oldfish, i downloaded it from tumblr and searched in tags for it. if you have google chrome, add the tum taster as an extension and you can download almost anything from there. hope that helps. m happy someone can relate to the longing i felt with it.

ah, can you tell me the original track list for the fst?? i like to listen to them in the original order but after the first listen, 8tracks mixes up the songs sdfgvsdgsd

of course.
and awe, i put thought into the order too. lol
i'm so glad you noticed and enjoyed listening to it
like that.
and omg, i hate when it does that. ;~;
here's the order:

tokyo witch - beach house
oz - oldfish
sorry safari - slow magic
eclipse - nujabes
state of permission - shinichi osawa
luv (sic) - nujabes
used to be - beach house
satellite stories - sirens ( slow magic remix )