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Momento quia pulvis est


Because death is just a beginning
A prologue of victory, century-long
The balade of immortality we're singing
Sing with us our undying song.

A mix for the misty streets of London, the ticking of Big Ben, the creatures of the East end, sipping tea on a rainy afternoon and lost souls in victorian castles.

  • Your dying Heart by Adrian von Ziegler
  • Dark Passion Play by Nightwish
  • Sherlock Holmes Theme Song by Omar Adel Hosney
  • Rose (Piano Klavier Solo Arr.) (comp. by James Horner) by Titanic
  • MSMR by Bones
  • The Devil Within Lyrics by Digital Daggers
  • False King by Two Steps From Hell
  • Never Let Me Go by Florence and The Machine
8 tracks