Pepper Cyanide
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A playlist to describe the soundtracks of my dull, distorted dreams.

Dreams and nightmares, for me, are forever sunless (even in broad daylight) and populated by massive concrete edifices. There's a deep, perpetual droning sound in the distance, or a harmony of droning sounds coming down from the sky. The things and/or creatures I find in these concrete structures can be strange and intensely beautiful or (typically) horrific and violently hostile.

This playlist begins with melodic tracks and warps into darker sounds as the night descends and the concrete underground swallows you alive.

Instrumentals only • Long tracks • Slow tempos • Sleep well

14 tracks
1 comment on oneiricDistortion

That is definitely an intense description of your dreams you have there, I hope they become more enjoyable instead of nightmares, nightmares are anything but enjoyable. However, I do enjoy the playlist you have set up here, it certainly creates a specific atmosphere that I particularly enjoy and love. Thank you for making this!