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a random tea party with me ^^^

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People seem to struggle to like these long (20+ track) mixes but I dig it. I also made an 80 track mix, please check it out if you'd like. Its called Torn verticals.

I like so much more depth and personality can come through when we give ourselves more then 8 or 10 tracks. : D

Hi DeJay! Thanks! Yeah...this is defo one of those spur of the moment type of deal. I was so bored and have been listening to 8tracks so I was like I WILL MAKE A PLAYLIST! BAM! 80 tracks I'm defo checking your list out! Thanks, 'mate! :)

I actually understand why people struggle with such long mixes, it is much easier to comprehend eight ten track long mixes which where the music matches up well rather than a super long mix.
also on such a long mix it is hard to get back to your favorites.
however, I love you taste in music (and your profile picture!)