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this broken earthly life


A post-Doomsday playlist for Rose Tyler.
For those days that the hole in your heart feels like it's going to devour you and the days your hand feels so empty and the star s above are no comfort, just a reminder of what has been lost.
For remembering that those days end but love lasts forever because you promised, remembering that impossible is just a word and you may a little broken but that doesn't make you helpless.

13 tracks
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Oh my goodness, this is amazing. Not only are these songs great, but they totally capture Rose's feelings. I wouldn't be surprised if you were Rose Tyler herself. That would be an interesting plot twist. *Moffat laughs maniacally somewhere in Britain*

@Souffle_Girl14 I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I may not BE Rose Tyler, but i spend enough time thinking about her that I can definitely do a passable imitation ;D Thanks for listening and commenting! ♥