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"After all this time?" "Always"


Heard the news about Alan Rickman's passing this morning and am still shocked. I've seen a majority of his films and he was one of my favorite actors. I'm glad his art will stay with us in the characters he portrayed and I thank him for bringing my favorite Harry Potter character to life. Rest in peace, Alan. You'll be missed.

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I have just started listening to this playlist but I already love it! My heart broke when I clicked play and the first track it plays is the scene from DH2; Always...When the second track came on it was Sleeping At Last - Saturn and that track really does fit Severus, I even made a recent video to Severus with that song on my youtube channel. It broke my heart so much to make it! It still hurts when I watch it along with my other Lily & Severus video. I look forward to listening to the rest of this playlist and maybe even hearing more new songs that I can use for more HP/Severus/Lily & Severus videos to make!

I'm on track 2 and I can already tell you that I love this playlist. First you start with the most loaded sentence in the whole franchise, then you continue on to one of my favourite songs of all time. Bless you for creating something beautiful :)

this is an amazing playlist. my heart shattered when I heard that alan had passed and all I could think of was reading those books when I was younger and growing attached to his characters in all of his amazing movies. thank you for making this mix.

Thank you. He will remain with us through his films, unfortunately theater is an ephemeral art. But we will never forget his incredible talent and his generous, truly kind soul.