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Sirens shout in the dead of nights
nightmares I'll never remember
Hornets bite, my dread ignites
poison crawls, my restless slumber
a distant voice like roaring thunder
a child screaming bloody murder
an old man limping, no one helps
a woman lost, confused, anxiously yelps,
"please hear me I cry in need!"
strong men pass by but pay her no heed
they leave for their future, no time for such things
they seek not empathy, those painful feelings

strength she has not, all hope confined
to wipe blood and sweat off her brow
oh, how she longs to be free
a flightless bird is what I see

she sees me standing in the rain
eye's locked, I feel her strain
I raise my hand and say, "come with me."
one day I know, she'll be the better half of me

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