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a playlist of several bulgarian songs that got popular during the past two summers

  • B**ches & iLike by Rudi, Duli, Muden & Kukusheff
  • A Dano, Ama Nadali by Grafa feat. VenZy & Mihaela Fileva
  • Pochivni Dni (Clean) by Krisko
  • Ostavam tuk by Kristo & Lora Karadjova
  • Opasno Blizki by Mihaela Fileva
  • Ministarat Na Veselieto (feat. Bobo and Lora Karajova) by Krisko
  • Dim da me niama by Grafa & Bobo ft. Pe4enkata
  • Koi Den Stanahme (Official Video) HD by Angel & Moisey ft. Krisko
  • Poli Genova feat. LaTiDa by Soleni dni
  • Под открито небе by Venzy ft. Pe4enkata
  • Mene ne, maybe! by RDMK
11 tracks