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Selected (personally, my favorites) classical music from Nodame Cantabile.

Ideal for studying, chilling, reading or just plain old reminiscing.

Supplementary mix: La Corda d'Oro

18 tracks
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I actually liked the j-drama much more than the anime in the end. They ended up keeping the beefy parts of the story and the music complimented it beautifully while the anime, I found was slower paced and a little dry in some parts. Plus, I think the biggest thing that made the live action that much better for me was actually watching them perform it. The anime is great and all, but there is nothing like watching real people perform :T

@melgoesmoomoo Oooh. I'm not really a fan of J-dramas, I'm more of anime but I was planning on watching the live action of this but I haven't got time. Ha ha.

i was just looking for a study playlist and i found this! Now, I'm inspired to study harder just like how Nodame studied Piano huhuhu thanks a bunch! Mukyaaaa >///<