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Piano Music that Most Gamers Know

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I have an almost unhealthy love of piano covers of video game music... This is a fantastic mix!! Also, I'm playing through P4Golden right now (haven't played a persona game before now) and loving it!

getting in the boat, P3 and P4 are very good games for playing on ps2... if you dont have one, download it and play it in your computer with PCSX2... and, if you have a PSP, play the P3P that the @personak8 said to ya instead of the P3 of the Playstation 2! P3 and P3P are almost iquals, but P3P is newer and with some new things!

And for ya @personak8, your playlist continues to be the only one that I listen everyday! How can i download it?


hey @nanoh! I'm flattered that you listen to it everyday.. Have you heard about 8hacks? I think it downloads an entire playlist.. Haven't tried it yet but some people says it works.. Maybe you can try it? And btw, I'm interested about playing ps2 games using an emulator, how does that work exactly? how do you download ps2 games?

thanks for providing your email.. you shall expect an email from me soon! :D

ha ha.. 8hacks kinda convenient, right? Like you could play the same songs over and over again anytime, even if you're offline!

Sorry, i deleted the reply that contained my e-mail, no problem cause you've got it. Yeah, 8hacks is like a dream coming true LOL i was searching something to do that... after i found it i started to download every playlist and my girlfriend did it too! i think that i downloaded more then 10gb of musics already LOL