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We are not damsels-in-distress

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Beautiful character themes/songs Introducing women from the Final Fantasy series one each from IV to XIII-3 (except XI).

  • Rydia by Final Fantasy 4 Piano Collection
  • Final Fantasy V Piano Collections by Lenna's Theme
  • セリスのテーマ by 植松伸夫
  • FF VII by Tifa's Theme [Viola Piano Duet]
  • Ami (piano cover) by Final Fantasy VIII
  • Rose of May from Final Fantasy IX on the harp by Branna Laurelin
  • Yuna’s Theme (FFX cover) by TPR Piano
  • Penelo's Theme by 崎元仁
  • FF13: Vanille's Theme (viola/piano) by pinkdango
  • Serah's Theme ~Memory~ by Masshi Hamazu
  • ライトニング リターンズ FFXIII BGM 「Lightning S Theme Distant Light」 by Tomoshige Nakamura
11 tracks
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