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name 10 things you wanna do before you die and then go do them


i didn't really set out to make you a mix but i started to collect songs that made me think of you - or that screamed TEDDY!!! - in a spotify playlist at some point, and realised i wanted to make you a mix. but it took ages for it to be enough for an 8tracks mix. i'm not sure if you'd agree that they're you, or even like all of them, that's okay, i'm not sure about all of them either. started to add songs in december, and i've been itching to send you 10 things since january, but i wanted to include it here.

i'm not gonna say anything else because it's gonna get long and the songs can speak for themselves. also, twin size matress probably doesn't fit but i couldn't make you a mix without including it xx

8 tracks