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Anything is Possible


A White Collar season 3 mix just because I can.

Tracks 1-5 : episodes 1-8
Tracks 6-10 : episodes 9-14
Tracks 11-15: episodes 15-16

14 tracks
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/hands you tissues/ i'm sorry about the tears but lbr season 3 is such a heartbreakingly good season like i love it a lot. thank you though!

oh yeah season 3 is my favorite in a "i really don't understand why i enjoy breaking my heart way and" and this mix is seriously perfect for it

that's exactly why i love season 3 so much omg. its super heartbreaking but also super good. like youre crying about it one episode and then laughing the next because its just so good. and asdjfa; thanks im glad you like it so much