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and i for one couldn't breathe


when she looks at him, she sees the moon and the stars and all the galaxies combined and all she wants to do is dive into him.

when he looks at her, he sees the sun, the green of the greenest grasses and fire and all he wants to do is burn in her.

and when they kiss, its like coming home.

  • Birdy by Tee Shirt
    she wont admit, but she sleeps in his tshirt all the time
  • M83 Wait (Kygo Remix) by Soul.Surfer
    cause all they've done is wait
  • Please Don't Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin
    she knows it wont admit it, she wants to.
  • I'm Into You by Chet Faker
    they find it hard to ignore now days
  • Good to You by Marianas Trench feat. Kate Voegele
  • Unbreakable by Jamie Scott
  • Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) by Daughter
  • "Blank Space + Style" Mash-Up (OFFICIAL) by Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson
8 tracks