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The meeting of two melodies, reconciled into one.

The separation and the reconciliation of Stanley and Stanford.
This is gospel for the vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells, and insufferable bastards/
This is gospel for the vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells, and insufferable bastards
(This playlist is a bit of experiment, so if you're listening thank you for giving it a chance!)
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This is such a cool concept, and you chose great songs to represent the brothers! The "This is Gospel" round almost gave me chills; it's like the turning point of the playlist, where Stan and Ford are finally on the same wavelength and can start having conversations.

I'm crying at how emotionally broken I am from listening to this playlist. Mashups are amazing when done right, and in the context for Stanley and Stanford's character development, this is SPECTACULAR.

@Magifox Oh that is such high praise!! Thank you so much. I'm flattered. I spent months searching for the perfect songs for this mix, so that means a lot.

OH WOW. This was really well done, holy wow!!! Honestly I was basically sold from the first song, but Lost in Winter Winds was when I BROKE. This was a really cool idea you had, and you executed it really well too!! Great job!!! ❤️

@eliar Thank you so much omg Honestly I had a really fun time making it so I'm so excited you enjoyed it enough to leave such a sweet comment! Thank you!!

THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE MASHUPS AND THEY"RE ALL SO WELL DONE AAAAAA not to mention they're all super fitting for the Stan twins (especially the second to last one, I almost cried it was so fitting it sounded like a conversation between them, PERFECT) so I just wanted to say, well done :''D I really enjoyed this one!!

@medli45 Thank you!!! omg "a conversation between them" was EXACTLY what I was going for with my song choices. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! (for real, some of these are TEARJERKERS. I get all misty with Pieces of the Scientist and Lost in Winter Winds though ;__;)