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Gladiator & Prime

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Just a Fanmix of Megatron/Optimus Prime of their relationship during and after the war. Perhaps they remember the old days they shared together...?

Lovely art belongs to GoddessMechanic

All music belong to their rightful owners.

  • The Final Hour by Audiomachine
  • The Humbling River by Puscifer
  • Audiomachine (Phenomena) – Red Sorrow by Avonamora
  • Momentum by Mark Petrie Composer
  • Watercolor by Pendulum
  • The Fountain (Instrumental) (Dunn Mastering) by Pendulum & Steven Wilson
  • Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) by Taylor Swift
  • Adrian von Ziegler – Where the Shadows Cannot Reach by Ivan Lipnygov
8 tracks
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