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masquerades and wishing wells


"something like going camping with your sibling and something like finding out your house is haunted and there are fairies in your backyard"

a Gravity Falls fanmix for Molly

(Trolley Wood by Eisley should be on here too but I haven't yet found a workaround for the 2-track rule so just imagine it between the Eels and Eskimobot tracks)

11 tracks
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I've been listening to this playlist for a LONG time and it is honestly my favorite Gravity Falls mix and it deserves so much more credit than it has. You did a FABULOUS job. (thanks for introducing me to eisley haha)

@LyokoDoReMi thank you so much for this lovely comment!! I'm so glad that you've been enjoying this mix, and I'm ESPECIALLY thrilled that I got to introduce you to eisley!! they've been a favorite of mine for a long time and I hope they bring you as much enjoyment and happiness as they bring me! <3