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we're not friends


"we're not, no we're not friends
nor have we ever been
we just try to keep those secrets in a lie
and if they find out, will it all go wrong?
and heaven knows, no one wants it to

so i could take the back road
but your eyes will lead me straight back home
and if you know me like I know you
you should love me, you should know"

23 songs, 1 1/2 hrs of Phan feels.
I may not be held responsible for any tears shed, or parents angered while listening to this playlist.

#1-6: 2009 (speaking online, falling in love, meeting for the first time)
#7-18: 2012-2013 (breakup, gradually getting back together)
#19-23: 2014-2015 (together, happy and successful)

23 tracks
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