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The ENTIRE Collection!!


Here it is... all of the music that I love that I could jam pack into one mix... enjoy!

I apologize if you don't like the order, I only chose to arrange the first three songs (The first one is a new one, the second is the song that was first in "The Collection EXTENDED!" and the third is the song that was first in "The Collection"..... the few mixes of mine leading up to this mix)
The rest of the songs are just in reversed-alphabetical order

594 tracks
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Ahhhhhh! 8tracks needs to fix this business partner issue with Africa. We deserve good music too! Sounds nice from what I heard, but most tracks did not play because they "are not available in your region".

I've been listening to this playlist the whole week and it is perfect, I am 250ish songs in and have only used a few skips. It has reliably good music and its length means that I don't have to worry about the music moving to an inferior playlist. thank you :-)

@itsss_sasha I dont remember what the name of it was, but i looked at the info in my mix and the only thing i found was the the album was listed as "fetenix: 80 party-klassiker im megamix, volume 3" hope that helps!