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A Song of Ice and Fire

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I absolutely love this playlist and I've been listening to it periodically for ages, but a few months ago (I don't know exactly, maybe like 6 months ago?) it started skipping a lot of songs. Compared to the tracklist on tumblr (the link doesn't work any more, by the way) there's at least 10 songs missing, starting with Viva La Vida, The Bad in Each Other and Demons. Any idea how this happened?

@Annetoinette Hello and thank you for your comment! To be honest I have no idea what's going on with skipping on this website. I stumble across it everytime. I checked the settings of this playlist and it seems that everything's ok. I think this mght be just a problem in 8track's system.

also the lion's roar is now an excerpt of a radio show reviewing first aid kit's whole album... which was informative but not exactly what I expected in the middle of a game of thrones playlist... damnit 8tracks, what did you do to that tune? (still love the mix to pieces btw ;)

@heartneedsabeat It was probably replaced by a track from SoundCloud, 8tracks streams from there whenever it can. @phantasmia can flag the tune as incorrect and it will start playing the correct version again.

I love this playlist and listen to it all the time - but something's changed on one of the tracks! Viva La Vida has been replaced by a particularly bad cover version :( Does anyone know what happened?

This mix means a lot to me!!! Perfect song collection, cannot stop listening to it! You're my queen in the Westeros music department. *bows down* thanks for making me want to continue with the series SO BADLY.

I've listened to this on repeat for the last two days, I absolutely love it! You're super talented :) Are you going to make one for the last two books as well?