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Pyrogenesis: an Alessa Gillespie fanmix


A fanmix for Alessa Gillespie, the secret protagonist of Silent Hill 1.
My intent with this was to cover her life, her death, and the beginnings of the life she began to live as Heather, all from her perspective (or from the perspective of the subconscious part of Heather that still had Alessa's memories, anyway).

24 tracks
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I really love that you've made this melancholic, tragic, and oh so spine-chilling. Nicely made and nicely thought out.

Thank you very much! One thing I tend to get annoyed with is how Alessa is so frequently interpreted as a generic creepy evil little girl, when she herself is so much more complex and heroic than that, and her story so heartbreaking and disturbing for reasons other than the stereotypical spook factor. I really wanted to capture that with this mix and it's great to hear I succeeded!